Luxury Home Building and the Process of Perfection with Terry Paterson

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This Home Design Podcast focuses on luxury home building and the process of how to reach the ultimate level of perfection is your guide for how you should approach your luxury home project. MEET Terry Paterson, President and CEO of Paterson Project Management. Terry is South African born, and now resides in South Florida. As a General Contractor with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Terry has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout his career, making him a sought-after authority in his field. Terry specializes in contemporary design for luxury homes; striving to create perfection and pushing new boundaries in all the work he takes on. Ultimately leading to the question: What is Luxury? Terry has become an expert on effective project management strategies, budgeting, and communication that navigates a successful home construction.

Listen now to get insight on practical advice for navigating the complexities of residential projects. In the podcast, Terry covers topics such as understanding the needs and desires of homeowners, and the steps to take in order to achieve that. With his engaging storytelling, listeners are able to feel inspired and equipped with a deeper understanding of project management principles within the realm of home construction. 

Terry also gives tips on who to hire, and making sure they are the right people for your home, as well as scheduling to make sure the job is done right and on time. The discussion of overcoming challenges during home construction offers listeners tips on how to anticipate and mitigate potential issues. 

Whether you are planning to build a home, a professional in this industry or just want to learn more about Project Management and Custom Home Building this episode is for you! 

Let us know what you think of Episode 29 of the Home Design Podcast. 

:00 What is Luxury? Strive for perfection. 

:56 INTRO to the Home Design Podcast 

1:48 Who is Terry Paterson of Paterson Project Management? 

3:01 Experience in Contemporary Design 

3:47 Challenges and Building Codes in South Florida 

5:50 Luxury: What does luxury mean to you? 

11:35 New boundaries of contemporary home design 

12:30 Misconception of Modern Design. Simplicity costs more. 

13:56 Where does someone start when building a luxury home? 

17:00 How to prevent over designing a project as per the clients budget 

19:25 What should construction cost? 

22:40 FEMA laws due to sea level rise 

26:28 Building higher in the Las Olas (Fort Lauderdale, FL) area 

28:02 Remodel vs. Building New: Rules may decide for you 

30:30 Buying Homes with expectations of being able to add on 

32:36 Builders should advise through the process 

33:24 Price to budget for when building NEW (per sq/ft) 

35:55 What people want when building a luxury home 

36:50 Where you can save but you may regret after 

38:49 The importance of the initial proposal 

40:20 Price the home build once the full set of plans is complete 

44:36 The questions you should know to ask when hiring a builder. 

45:45 How homeowners should manage relationships of the trades? 

48:00 GC insurance and hierarchy of who manages who 

51:10 How to manage your building schedule and stay “on time?”

55:55 Scheduling and when product selections are made 

56:30 Change orders and How they generate 

58:38 How change orders should be contracted when hiring a GC 

1:01:05 Trusting the builder and creating trust with the client 

1:06:59 What is the project supervisors job? 

1:08:32 AI and its place in the construction industry 

1:12:30 Terry Paterson’s favorite and least favorite luxury projects 

1:19:05 Designer’s Projects look the same; Paterson builds all styles 

1:20:53 How long does home construction take?

1:25:00 Home Automation and adding technology in luxury homes 

1:27:56 Closing Thoughts. 

Thank you for listening! Meet Terry Paterson, CEO and founder of Paterson Project Management, and become inspired by visiting Follow @Paterson_Development on Instagram.

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