Latest Design Trends For Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Latest Design Trends For Kitchen Remodeling Projects

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Remodeling a kitchen is a great way to brush up on your creative skills while giving your kitchen a new look. However, it is important to understand that trends are not stationary and keep changing from time to time. If this is your first time renovating your kitchen in a few years, it’d be wise to research what’s currently trending. 

If you are feeling a bit stumped by all design trends out there, don’t fret. Here is a compilation of some of the latest kitchen design trends you can incorporate in your remodeling project. Feel free to mix, match, and give it your own twist. 

  • Dark Theme

One of the most popular designs when it comes to modeling or remodeling a kitchen is having dark countertops and furniture in an otherwise all-white or off-white kitchen. This will help you in achieving a theme that is contemporary and yet minimalistic. Darker stained islands and countertops tend to resonate with many other colors, especially light ones. Not to mention, they add warmth to the kitchen and make it feel more inviting. 

  • Kitchen Blues 

Unlike the Monday Blues, Kitchen blues is a rather great design. A kitchen with blue cabinets, Moroccan-style tiles, light wooden furniture, and hints of white is making rounds right now. It adds versatility in terms of style and placement. Not to mention you can experiment with other light colors too like teal. Blue cabinets with white floors and gray marble islands are a trendy yet timeless design that you would not regret adding to your kitchen. 

  • Open Shelves  

Open shelving has taken the interior design world by storm and it’s easy to see why. Open shelves do exactly what they say – opening up a lot of space in your kitchen for storing kitchenware and making it look much bigger. With open shelves, you also have a lot of options to customize. You can paint the shelves, add cutlery to fit your kitchen’s aesthetic, or even mix and match your favorite colors. However, keep in mind that open shelving does not mean you have to get rid of your cabinets, you can always enjoy the best of both worlds! 

  • Granite Countertops and White Oak Cabinets 

If you are into a modern yet cozy look for your kitchen then this idea is just for you. Granite is a staple when it comes to kitchen interiors. Mix it with white oak cabinets and you get a great contemporary themed kitchen. Make sure to get honed granite countertops instead of regular ones as the matte of the honed finish adds to the modern look of the kitchen. 

  • New Lights 

One of the simplest and least expensive accessories you can add when remodeling your kitchen is lighting. The best part about this idea are the thousands of customizable techniques you can have to highlight certain areas of your kitchen. You can go for either dark or luxurious warm-white ceiling lights. Consider buying LED lights as you will save a lot in the long run. Remember; good lighting can make the difference between day and night. Of course, you can also buy smart lights too which means you get to pick the color you think looks the best. 

  • Double Islands 

One of the biggest upgrades you can make in your kitchen is getting double islands. It is great and practical to have two islands; especially if you love to host parties and special events. You can prepare the food on one island, eat on the other, and the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, it binds the kitchen together and this design continues to grow in popularity. 

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