The Benefits of Living in South Florida

The Benefits of Living in South Florida

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Standing out among the best places in the world to live, South Florida is a jewel. It has wonderful weather, pristine beaches, remarkable preserves, and about 237 days of sunshine annually.  Also, it has the most amazing developments that include world-class golf courses, country clubs, and tennis courts, among others. 

Unlike any other part of the country at large, South Florida has stunning waterfront communities and properties. Thus, if you are moving to South Florida, here are the benefits to look forward to: 

  •     No Income Tax

This is a top benefit when it comes to living in South Florida. Therefore, if you are moving in from a state like Washington, prepare to save thousands of dollars. With no income tax, you only have to deal with federal tax alone, which is fair enough. 

  •     Good Weather

On average, the weather in South Florida is pleasant. With over 270 days of sunshine annually on average, it’s the best place if you are avoiding cold weather. That means you can organize an outdoor venture anytime and enjoy tons of activities without being limited. Also, the average temperature is warm at 75 degrees. Therefore, the changing seasons mildly affect the weather in this place. 

  •     Eco-friendly

It’s one of the most natural and environmentally friendly places to live. With multiple nature preserves, city-wide recycling, and clean air, the ambiance is breathtaking. Thanks to the abundance of sunshine year-round, the region is shifting towards a more eco-friendly power source, wind, and solar power. As a result, there’s a provision of lower-cost energy. 

  •     Pristine Beaches

South Florida beaches are world-class. They are some of the best in the country and remarkably attract the attention of many visitors. Therefore, if you love leisure activities, you’ll be amazed when you visit the beaches. Speaking of leisure activities, the region is home to the best spots for water sports and similar activities. From jet skiing, wave finding, boating, diving, and fishing, there’s an endless list of activities to do.

  •     Remarkable Redevelopment 

There is exceptional maintenance of public structures in this region. Therefore, all the roads, beach parks, and sidewalks are in great shape. Further, you’ll often notice new structures with modern designs popping up. As such, the region’s skyline, and structure vibrancy are constantly evolving creating new opportunities. 

  •     Pools Influence Property Value

Building a pool in your property has an impact on your property value. However, when you live in South Florida, you will feel the impact significantly. A pool can increase your home value by tens of thousands of USD. Therefore, if you move into a property without a pool, you can enhance its value by building one. Also,  the pool influences the selling speed when you want to sell that property and move to another.

  •     Asset Protection 

When you live in South Florida, your property is safe whether you are wealthy or not. As such, you are not susceptible to losing your property through creditors or lawsuits. With that said, the property benefits include personal property protection, homestead creditor protection, and tenancy by the entirety. 

  •     Increasing Home Value

The real-estate-housing market is booming in South Florida, therefore, there are enough residential houses to buy. Also, it’s among the top states with a significant increase in home value annually. 

Final Take 

Undoubtedly living in South Florida is the best decision. Besides beautiful beaches, all year round good weather has great services. While the benefits are charming, finding your dream home can be a nightmare. To avoid this inconvenience, contact Paterson Project Management. They’ll help you discover and build your dream home with ease.