Adding Luxury Design Options to Your Home

Adding Luxury Design Options to Your Home

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Your home is your safe space, a place to unwind and get comfortable. Your home should be the ultimate staycation destination, and what better way to bring this to life than by inviting in a few luxury design staples into your house? Not only will this make your home feel luxurious, but it can also add value to the home overall. So, with that being said, here are a few luxury design options you should consider adding to your own home:

Consider Playing with Wallpaper

Yes, that’s right, wallpaper has been making a massive comeback for quite some time now. Not only is this a quick and easy change to add to your home, but it is also just as quick and easy to remove if you decide you do not love it as much as you may have thought. In addition to this, unique wallpapers are also a great way to introduce color into an otherwise muted space. Some of the most popular wallpaper trends you should consider playing with this year include:

  • Floral prints
  • Nature prints
  • Structured graphics
  • Faded Glamor
  • Texture

Elevate Your Lighting

One simple way to elevate your space is by simply updating the lighting in your home. This could be done with new, elegant floor lamps to decorate your living room, a chandelier for your entryway, or even new overhead lighting throughout the kitchen and bathroom.

While on the subject of bathroom lighting, what better way to add a luxurious feel than by adding a little bit of mood lighting? The best way to do this is to keep the lighting at a low level that may also be controlled with a dimmer switch. Mood lighting is truly the way to go when it comes to adding a luxurious feel. Not only is it effective, but it is also a chance that can be made quickly and efficiently.

Invest In the Details

When we say invest in the little details, we mean the small touches that truly tie the space together. These small touches include high-end materials such as gold, marble, or solid woodwork. This could also mean swapping out a few of your current staple design pieces with a more modern piece. An example of this swap would be changing out that older art piece above your couch with a new, contemporary painting; or, this could mean investing in elegant staple pieces for your kitchen with a modern refrigerator or even as simple as a new dining set.

Play with Plants

The easiest and most effective way to elevate your space is by adding an arrangement of plants. Not only do plants add a variety of colors, but they also bring in new life and fresh air – depending, of course, on the type of plants you decide to decorate with. If we want to stick with the topic of what items are trending, snake plants and Zizi plants are elegant, trendy staple pieces to elevate your home as well as the air in your home.

The Classic Bathroom Remodel

Last but certainly not least we have the classic bathroom remodel. We spend so much of our time in the bathroom, whether we are getting ready in the morning or unwinding with a relaxing bubble bath. When it comes time to unwind, who wouldn’t want to retreat into their very own private spa, also known as the elegant bathroom of their dreams. By simply incorporating up-to-date pieces, new lighting – as mentioned above, mood lighting can make all the difference – or even new flooring, this can add a new sense of luxury into your bathroom.

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