Luxury Kitchen Trends

Luxury Kitchen Trends

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Are you thinking of turning your kitchen in South Florida into the luxurious kitchen of your dreams? Kitchens have proven to be the heart of every home, and it’s time to start filling it with the kind of luxury you experience in your favorite restaurant. These top 10 kitchen trends are sure to add luxury to your kitchen at home.

Marble Kitchens

Marble kitchens have always conveyed a sense of luxury. The sleek, elegant design creates a sense of polished and refined class inside every home. When people think of marble kitchens, they may immediately go straight to marble countertops, but why not push beyond that barrier. While marble countertops are beautiful and should be incorporated into space, consider creating an entire island made from the same marble. Then push even further beyond the boundaries and add marble cabinets, marble flooring, and marble backdrops to create the sleek, luxury kitchen of your dreams. Add the finishing touches to your space with beautiful stainless steel appliances, gold accent pieces, and a variety of greenery to liven up the space and make it truly eye-catching.

High Contrast Black and White Kitchens

For a bold yet timeless kitchen design, consider a high contrast black and white palette to set the mood in your space. Not only does this create a sleek and simple look, but it can be the perfect way to let your accessories do the talking. Consider adding contrast to this kitchen design with rose-gold accent pieces such as side lamps or kitchen appliances. Finish off the mood with some dark, overhead lighting and an arrangement of grey counter stools.

Dim Overhead Lighting

Nothing sets the mood for luxury quite like dim lighting. Not only does this add elegance and class to your kitchen, but it also helps create an illusion that your kitchen is larger. Lastly, it creates a sense of relaxation; and relaxation is a luxury within itself.

Create an Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen

Start with implementing full retractable patio doors into your kitchen allowing a seamless transition into your patio. Or simply implement Trelliswork to create a modern, luxury feel.

Mix Cabinet Finishes

This usually works best with neutral tones. Consider a sleek, all-black cabinet design with finished touches of wood, or you can mix a marble backsplash into your sleek space.

Considering A Minimalist Kitchen

Whether this means creating a luxury factor with white-on-white interiors or simply keeping a balanced layout, minimalist kitchens are a new form of high-end living.

Make Industrial a Luxury

When most people think industrial, they think rustic and don’t consider this a luxurious option. This, however, is no longer the case. Industrial style kitchens can be enhanced with rich, cheerful accent colors, rustic patterned floor tiles, and rustic finishing touches such as stools, cabinets, and shelving.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Why not let the floors set the tone in your home? Luxury vinyl flooring can add charm and interest to finish off a modern, luxury space.

Add-In A Wine Cellar

Add a built-in wine cellar to highlight your kitchen and create easy access to you and your guests. On the contrary, if you do not necessarily care to drink your wine, consider fashioning a wine storage rack as a part of your kitchen wall. This way, you will not need to drink the wine as much as you can have it for an elegant, finishing touch to your luxurious kitchen space.

Add Art As Finishing Touches

Finish off your home with a collection of classic and elegant works of art such as beautiful sculptural busts, colorful pottery, or large abstract painting designs.