Luxury Backyard Trends

Luxury Backyard Trends

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With summer officially making its way back to South Florida, it’s time to start thinking of ways to re-invent your backyard space. This summer, create a luxury experience for you and your guests. Popular home trends are always exciting to watch, but why not implement some of these ideas into your own home? With that being said, here are six of the most popular luxury backyard trends to consider adding to your own space at home.

Seamless Indoor to Outdoor Transition

Creating a seamless transition from the inside of your home into your backyard space not only adds a luxurious feel but also increases a sense of one’s connection to nature. By doing so allows you to maximize your space while also giving you the added mental boost you can only get from connecting to nature. Create an all-glass wall that opens up to straight your luxury patio. On the patio, consider using indoor furniture as the outdoor furniture. This creates an illusion while also making for a more comfortable outdoor living space. While keeping this in mind, consider also implementing more outdoor furniture into your indoor living space to create the perfect, seamless transition.

Organic Gardens

This could mean a plethora of things. Whether you want to simply grow your own fresh, organic produce or create an entire oasis as a dreamscape in the comfort of your own home, gardens have become a growing trend while also exemplifying sustainable living. Inside this garden, you can create your very own sanctuary with a private escape chill zone designed with steel outdoor furniture all while being surrounded by a colorful arrangement of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Entertainment Spot

Entertainment spots offer a sense of coziness while also adding a luxury resort feel to your private space. In order to make your entertainment spot come to life, add a cozy glass firepit to light up the summer nights even more. Surround the fire pit with built-in patio seating that is elegant but comfortable enough for you and your guests to enjoy. Finish off the space with personal details, such as hanging twinkle lights, a hanging tv, and lots and lots of pillows.

Geometric-Shaped Pool

It’s time to say goodbye to your average, oval swimming pool. Geometric-shaped pools simply convey luxury while also offering the perfect complement to your at-home oasis. Not to mention the added luxury when you decide to include waterfalls, stone tiles, lounging steps, and a whirlpool into the design.

The Kitchen Bar

Nothing adds luxury to space more than your private bar. Consider adding a kitchen space to your bar, including a wood-burning pizza oven, a built-in grilling area, and added wine cellar. This not only creates the perfect atmosphere to host events, but it is also a great way
to enjoy your summers at home while still experience luxury from the comfort of your own backyard.

Bamboo Walls

Add the perfect finishing touch to your home with beautiful, bamboo walls. Not only does this offer a sense of comfort and resort-style luxury, but it also provides added privacy to create your very own retreat at home. To finish off your secluded oasis, add the final touches of luxurious pillows and added greenery to liven up space. The most beautiful plants to implement would be cacti, a variety of snake plants, and trees.

Your backyard should be your very own passion project. So, when you have decided what key features you would like to implement into your own luxury backyard in South Florida, Paterson Project Management is here to help get you started.