Tips to Create a Luxurious Modern Home

Tips to Create a Luxurious Modern Home

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To some luxury is classic and traditional, to others it is timeless and modern. Modern design is quite popular today, trending among homeowners who want luxury as well as beauty and comfort as part of their home. Modern design is unique, yet simple, featuring clean lines, with selected colors and textures. The experts at Paterson Project Management offer these tips and features to create a luxurious modern home.

Functional Design

Modern homes are designed with function fully incorporating minimalist style and the latest technology. These homes often use glass, concrete, and steel to deliver modern character with a streamlined aesthetic. Functionality is always the pressing component, with luxury taking the supporting role. The design phase for a luxurious modern home considered function, based on the homeowners’ lifestyle, taste, and profession, thus making the modern house a home.

Simplified Color Schemes

For modern homes, colors are often built on neutral palettes with bold vivid accents. You’ll want to select colors which balance and complement one another. The goal is to diminish visual clutter and simplified color schemes can do just that. A timeless trending modern color palette features white, black, gray, and wood. Crisp white creates a backdrop on the walls which, in turn, is balanced by wood or gray flooring of wood, slate, or travertine. Black becomes the bold accent color on hardware, cabinetry, or furnishings. Wood is added as an accoutrement, keeping the same color family if not the same wood throughout. Wood adds the needed warmth, preventing the modern aesthetic from becoming too cold. Of course, color is also welcome in modern design, though it is used minimally adding pops of color via accent walls, a chair, or rug. White, black, and silver is often paired with red, while cream and brown work well with orange, and white, charcoal, and slate deliver a modern edge when paired with cobalt blue or lime green.

Windows and Lights

Windows and lights play a significant role in modern home design. Windows should complement the overall design and often feature aluminum frames, though wood can also be used effectively in modern homes. Moldings may be included inside the home. Window sizes are determined by the homeowner’s desire for ample natural light inside. Lights work hand in hand with windows to ensure a well-lit interior as well as exterior. On the outside, structural elements often feature translucent lighting while inside and out modern design favors up lights, wall lamps, spotlights and more.

Living Spaces

Modern homes use expansive open spaces, often with high ceilings. Furnishings are selected, much like color to balance and complement the space available. The living room in a modern home is open, with special consideration given to traffic flow and natural light. The living space should be well lit. Television placement should be considered in the overall design and wall-mounted or placed discretely in a concealed cabinet.

In modern home design, kitchens can be open or closed according to the homeowner’s preferences. Open layouts remain the most popular, offering excellent spaces for entertaining and making way for conversations throughout the living area. Smooth, streamlined islands, backsplashes, and countertops, are often coupled with recessed lighting in modern design. The dining area may be a simple one or a fine dining option or both. Often the dining area features a bold color, keeping with the overall color palette chosen.

Even in modern design, the owner’s suite should reflect the homeowner’s taste and desires. Lighter hues are often used on the walls, with bolder tones for bedding and window treatments. Bedroom lighting should always include dimmers. The attached ensuite bath should again reflect the owner’s style. Most feature glass enclosed showers with ceramic tiles. Favorite bathroom hues in modern design include white, gray, and cream.

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