Create a Beautiful Living Space with a Touch of Luxury

Create a Beautiful Living Space with a Touch of Luxury

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When building your dream home in South Florida, you want luxury but also want to maintain an air of subtlety and livability. If you are wondering what elements to include to create a beautiful living space with a touch of luxury as well as comfort, consider these simple touches to make your luxurious home an inviting and relaxing oasis.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can set the tone for beautiful, lavish living spaces. Window treatments come a vast array of styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics; all you have to do is chose the one that offers the greatest luxury feel in your new home. Don’t forgo practicality and opt for made to measure fabrics for all your window dressings. If you want an added measure of privacy, consider roman blinds crafted in fabric to deliver privacy, control light, and add pure luxury.

Statement Lighting

Natural light flooding your living spaces is, of course, the best lighting, but you can add even more luxe with statement pieces. Consider wall-up lights, a dramatic lampshade, freestanding floor lamps, a delicate chandelier, which when coupled with soft, gentle lighting can enhance your room and deliver a focal point and the look of luxury you desire.


Mirrors, coupled with light, can create additional lighting, reflecting both natural and manmade light in beautiful ways. With strategic placement, near windows, wall mirrors can enhance luxe details in your room with exceptional impacts.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can add intimate accents when the right size is chosen for your space. Depending on your style, you can find the rugs that draw the eye to focal points and deliver interest and detail to your rooms.


Artwork conveys luxury, in particular larger pieces can create a gallery feel. Even if the masters’ works are out of reach, you can find works of local artist on canvas, as well as photographic works, and contemporary art. Shop in hip uptown galleries, local festivals, and unexpected venues to find bespoke pieces to showcase both luxury and your unique style.

Pillows and Throws

For a bit of added ambiance and comfort, consider adding plush pillows and lush throws made of luxury fabrics for a beautiful aesthetic addition to any room. From the living room to the bedroom, these lavish accoutrements promise the feeling of indulgence and sumptuousness.

Indulgent Accessories

Accessories can create an opulent designer look when chosen with care and placed appropriately. Choose materials wisely, and your accessories will speak volumes about your luxury style. Accessories can be large or small, minimalist or elaborate, as long as they complement your overall style. A large sculpture, an ornate vase, or an opulent mirror can serve as a unique and lavish focal point when place properly. If large and opulent aren’t what you have in mind, consider a grouping of smaller objects for big impact in your living spaces.

In the Bedroom

Your bedroom should exude luxury, creating an oasis at the end of each day. Consider the finest Egyptian cotton bedding, accompanied by an indulgent bed, and complemented by soft pillows and a cozy fabric throw. Don’t forget that the lighting, area rugs, and art, which so aptly added luxury to other living spaces, can do the same in the boudoir.

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