Luxury Home Must Haves

Luxury Home Must Haves

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Luxury homes make a statement but also deliver functionality, beauty, and comfort to the homeowners and their families. As baby boomer begin to downsize and younger buyers enter the luxury real estate market, luxury must haves for new homes and home redesigns are evolving. If the time has come for you to build your luxury dream home, you probably already have a list of design elements and amenities you’d like to include, but before you craft your final wish list, let’s explore the latest luxury home must haves for 2021.

Luxury Must Haves – 2021 Style

From timeless luxury to unexpected trends, here are the current must haves in luxury home design.

  • Minimalism – Possibly among the most unexpected in luxury trends in minimalism. Minimalism doesn’t mean boring but rather a simplification of lifestyle, which, in turn, often allows for greater enjoyment. Instead, minimalistic style gives a nod to sleek, clean design featuring high ceilings, with expansive windows for expansive views as well as a multitude of natural light.
  • Nature-Related Design – Natural elements within as well as luxury living outside are a large part of today’s must have luxury additions. Often this means indoor and outdoor areas which are designed to meld together into one seamless space, but it can also be exceptional outdoor living spaces which provide optimal views with a nature connection like pathways with lush vegetation. Among the most popular amenities in the nature-related category are lavish outdoor kitchen, along with dining and living spaces which showcase the view. The result is luxury inside and out for all to enjoy.
  • Wellness – For homeowners with luxury in mind, wellness is an important area which often results from choosing the ideal location. For many homeowners, wellness manifests with the addition of an infinity pool for fitness and relaxation, a garden complete with lush pathways and beautiful flowers, or direct access to private sandy beach.
  • Smart Home Technology – What luxury home would be without the latest technology and its ability automate and customize living and lifestyle. For some, a smart home would be incomplete without environmental friendliness from solar energy additions or sustainable building materials. For others, smart home technology lends itself to smart appliances, the ability monitor your home from afar, tap into your favorite entertainment, or control your home’s climate and lights. Whatever your pleasure, the latest technology promises to make life easier and your home safer in every space, inside and out.
  • In the Kitchen – The kitchen, once relegated to the back corner of a home, is now the heart of nearly every home. From gathering family and friends to trying your hand at preparing unique delicacies, the kitchen is the place of dreams. Must haves for your luxury indoor kitchen include premium restaurant quality appliances, dual sinks, abundant storage, walk-in pantry and wine cellar, and a space that opens to living areas. For your outdoor kitchen, a grill, a refrigerator, a pizza oven, and a gas fireplace are required.

Paterson Project Management and Your New Luxury Home

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