LEED Certification and Your Home

LEED Certification and Your Home

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LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification continues to grow in commercial projects, in the areas of business and education, many homeowners are not familiar with LEED and what it means for life, work, and learning. LEED is known globally as a benchmark for excellence in building design, guiding architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and operators in implementing green building solutions in the areas of design, operations, construction, and maintenance. LEED certification offers verification that a project – community, building, or home – was designed and crafted with sustainability, energy efficiency, conservation, green building materials, and more for the benefit of humanity and the environment.

Granted by the Green Building Certification Institute, LEED certification allows property owners and operators with an environmental quality standard, plus the necessary tools to enhance building performance and gain environmental as well as financial benefits. For example, LEED certified building are planned to provide lower operating cost, reduce waste, increase value, conserve water and energy, deliver a safer, healthier environment for residents, and reduce greenhouse emissions. In addition, LEED certified properties are often eligible for zoning allowances, tax rebates, and other incentives.

A LEED Certified Home?

It is important to understand that builders are not LEED certified, but building are. Building a LEED certified home simply requires the registration of your project and meeting the LEED program requirements successfully. Luxury home builders and homeowners who pursue LEED certification for their homes are setting themselves apart and showcasing a greater commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness. For builders, LEED certification demonstrates confidence in their product, which comes under the scrutiny of independent third-party inspectors, and a pledge to create a healthier, more satisfying environment for potential homebuyers. LEED certified homes are crafted with environmental building practices, promising enhanced performance, health benefits, and increased value for homeowners. In fact, recent statistics show LEED certified homes spend less time on the market and sell at higher prices than similar properties without LEED certification. Consumer awareness is increasing as public demand for healthier, more environmentally responsible homes and products grows, making LEED standards a smart decision for home builders and homebuyers.

The Benefits of LEED Certification at Home

LEED certification for home design and construction delivers homes which are healthier for the families within, while using less energy and resources. Better health along with environmental sustainability and friendliness are the foundation for LEED homes. LEED standards means homes with clean indoor air and lots of natural light, built with safe, sustainable building materials. The resulting home is one in which families can flourish in health and comfort. The reduced water usage and energy efficiency of LEED homes delivers lower utility costs and other financial benefits for homeowners. If that weren’t enough, by following LEED guidelines, homeowners can have a net-positive effect on their communities.

Additionally, LEED certified homes are designed, planned, and constructed proactively to operate with resistance to unfavorable conditions, including devasting weather situations. Plus, LEED homes boost fresh air inside, thus reducing contact with airborne contaminants, pollutants, and toxins, thus enhancing the health of those residing in the home. In general, LEED homes save energy, using up to 30 percent less, and reduce water consumption thereby lowering utility costs and saving homeowners up to 60 percent. On top of energy savings LEED certified homeowners can also save on insurance, taxes, and garner additional incentives, and LEED certified homes increase in value more quickly than non-LEED certified homes.

Ready to Build Your LEED Certified Luxury Home?

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