Luxury Smart Homes

Luxury Smart Homes

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Smart home trends which make life more convenient are transforming luxury home design. Today’s smart homes feature integrated, intelligent systems which learn owner’s preferences and deliver unmatched luxury with connected climate, entertainment, and security. Let’s explore the latest innovative trends in luxury smart home devices and systems.

Wireless Charging

One drawback to the latest cutting-edge devices is the need for batteries and wires to keep them charged. Think about it, no matter how beautiful your home, there is likely a spot filled with messy wires, batteries, and chargers which appears unsightly and detracts from the overall appearance of your home. Enter wireless charging, which presents invisible infrared charging, with compact charges that plug into light fixtures or electrical outlets or can be imbedded inside the devices. The technology is accurate at 30 feet (9mm) and charging is supplied by invisible infrared beams.

The Advent of Biometric Security

In 2019, thirty-five percent of U.S. households with broadband faced security issues as smart doorbells and other security devices were hacked. The cutting edge systems coming to market now offer exceptional benefits which identify individual family members with biometric solutions. While most currently in the marketplace are from commercial entities, some recent product launches have been directed to the consumer marketplace, including the latest fingerprint lock which provides access with the touch of your finger and can store profiles from up to 50 users.

The Smarter Kitchen

Smart kitchen products have been making their way into kitchens for some time now, but now is the time to make way for the smarter kitchen complete with cooking and entertaining technology that is intuitive and capable of learning. Recent developments include AI (artificial intelligence) technology which can respond not only to voice to but gestures also. With the ability to alter mood, change lighting, help with your grocery list, open your cabinets and drawers, measure and heat water, or activate your kitchen scales, the smarter kitchen of the future is the latest among must-have smart trends for luxury homes.

The State-of-the-Art Personal Assistant

The newest additions to the world of AI personal assistants includes state-of-the-art robots which are capable of decision making and behavior prediction based on natural language processing, the owner’s mood, as well as previous requests. Through the utilization of machine learning, cutting-edge AI improves and customizes according to owner preferences, creating a predictive environment in your home which can help improve eating habits, enhance sleep, and help you remember what you might have otherwise forgotten to take along when you go out.

Energy Efficient and Self-Sustaining

Nearly all homeowners appreciate energy efficiency, as is evidenced by the rise in popularity of zero-energy homes. With ever-increasing connectivity, homeowners gain the opportunity to create an effective energy management system in their homes. Zero-energy homes offer an exceptional luxury option, which while grid-connected, are able to produce renewable energy equivalent to energy consumption – essentially creating a self-sustaining home. The zero-energy home is not a home of the future but available now, blending advanced design and superior building techniques. These homes deliver luxury as well, with high end materials, custom features, and smart systems, with the unique potential to produce surplus energy which could theoretically be sold.

Are You Ready to Begin Construction on Your New Luxury Smart Home?

The smarter home is here, fully connected, intuitive, with technology, devices, and appliances capable of adapting to the preferences and habits of the family within its walls. AI, data analytics, and machine learning continue to evolve, quickly moving the world forward to a smart home experience that can personalize experiences for each family member with little engagement required. Are you ready to begin construction on your smarter luxury dream home? Call on Paterson Project Management to learn more.