Creating a Lavish Bathroom

Creating a Lavish Bathroom

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A lavish bathroom is a significant contributing design element in your luxury home. Like the owner’s suite, the ensuite bathroom adds to the elegance of a luxurious home. Comfort and beauty are defining factors which often include exceptional lighting, spaciousness, premium materials, and sophisticated details. Let’s explore the latest trends and distinctive elements of lavish bathrooms with expert team from Paterson Project Management.

Distinctive Elements of Luxurious Bathrooms

While luxurious bathrooms contain sophisticated design elements, each space is unique, based on the preferences of the owners as well as the overall style of the luxury home in which is resides.

Here are the distinctive elements of the most lavish bathrooms to help you create an elegant bathroom design for your luxury home:

  • Space – A spacious bathroom, regardless of its design, is already luxurious. Of course, space doesn’t always imply expansive square footage, but can be showcased through chic minimalist style and well-appointed design features.
  • Views – Exceptional views and natural light complement the use of space in a lush bathroom. While in most cases, privacy must be a consideration for the bathroom, you can still use large windows to showcase beautiful views and bath the room in natural light.
  • Luxury Finishes – Among one of the most popular luxury finishes is natural stone, marble in particular. Marble affords a distinctive look in each application, whether on floors, walls, countertops, or all three. Textured wallpaper is another tasteful choice for luxury finishes, alongside metallic accents like polished brass, oil-rubbed bronzed, gold, or chrome. Adding an unexpected natural material like onyx, teak, or bamboo or incorporating the right combination of contrasting textures like shimmering tiles with a soft, inviting accent rug, can showcase the grandeur of the bathroom.
  • Distinctive Details – The details you include in your design allow you to be enveloped in the lavishness of your bath each time you enter. Consider flowing, delicate curtains, and ornamental elements like decorative mirrors, chic seating, or opulent candleholders. Decorative wall art is an excellent addition to any sophisticated bathroom, whether it be a wall mural, a relief panel, or a once of a kind mosaic.
  • The Tub – There are many unique options for tubs in a luxuriant bathroom. Any choice which is out of the ordinary, unseen in a common bathroom is in vogue in lavish bathroom design. Consider a sunken or freestanding tub as a focal point for the room when complemented by accent lighting. Another elegant options is a distinctive tub and shower combination or a Roman shower (or wet room) which combines both in an alcove, as a separate, private portion of the bathroom.
  • Lighting – Inviting in as much natural light as possible is a luxury element in itself, which can be achieved with the use of oversized windows as well as skylights. These elegant additions help the bathroom appear more open and airy while creating a feeling of luxury and sophistication. Accent lighting adds to the ambiance, whether it is intended as decorative or utilitarian. Strategically position accent lighting to highlight the focal points of the bath, and ad unexpected decorative lighting for grand visual impacts throughout your space.
  • Textures and Colors – Color is impactful in creating stunning visual effects in your luxury bathroom. Choose a sophisticated color palette which complements your décor naturally for exceptional ambiance. Natural elements can combine with color to create texture and unexpected contrast delivering a cohesive polished appearance in your space. Natural materials are also unique in the fact that they never go out of style and perfectly complement any design.

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