Must Have Luxury Design Elements for Your Home

Must Have Luxury Design Elements for Your Home

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When designing your luxury home, your personal preferences take first priority, providing your comfort and warmth, as well as showcasing your personal style. On top of that, you also want to create an ambiance of affluence, while incorporating luxurious elements of design. Incorporating all these characteristics into your home design also means developing a fluid, cohesive design that is also functional. The team at Paterson Project Management shares tips on accomplishing the luxury design you want, while incorporating these must have luxury design elements for your home.

Lavish Craftmanship

From the foundation to the walls to the roof, and all the supporting structures in between, superior craftmanship with a nod to architectural elegance is among the most desirable qualities of today’s luxury homes. Whether your style in modern and contemporary or timeless and classic, quality craftmanship in architectural design sets your luxurious home apart from the rest. This lavish craftmanship can be achieved in a number of elements, from the chef’s kitchen to a game/movie room, from a grand entryway to the magnificent pool area, or a sumptuous owner’s suite designed with comfort and luxury in mind. 

Exceptional Interiors

While the exterior and architectural design elements set the tone as you invite your guests inside, the magnificent interior truly welcomes guests to enjoy the luxury of your home. Even the most personal areas of your home – the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom – can be well-appointed with exceptional style. Considers adding statement lighting, as well as natural design elements to enhance your unique personal style and deliver both elegance, beauty, and function.

Space and Style

Each space in your luxury home should offer defined luxury and purpose. In defining spaces, you want to ensure the feeling of expansive areas which are not overcrowded but instead filled with lavish design elements and accoutrements which complement the overall space. Designing with complementary elements provides the ease to move about and enjoy the space as it was intended – showcasing space, extravagance, and indulgent comfort.

Trending Technology

Luxury speaks of comfort and ease, the ability to accomplish tasks effortlessly, and today’s technology trends accomplish those goals. Convenience is always a large part of luxury home design. The luxury home of the 21st Century features smart kitchens with smart appliances, as well as programmable thermostats, motion sensor lighting, hands free faucets,  voice recognition systems, invisible charging stations, intuitive entertainment systems, personal assistants, internet-enabled security, and more. 

Premium Home Security

Security in a luxury home is a given, protecting the lives of family members as well as the property within. Personal security offers an extra level of protection, particularly when a property is targeted for theft or other criminal mischief. Today’s security systems are intelligent, internet-connected, with 24-hour providers ready to respond in the event of a break-in. Additionally, security systems of the 21st century are unobtrusive, blending into the style of the luxury home.  On top of smart security systems, luxury homes also seek personal security for their information, which has led to the development of biometric systems, capable of identifying family members and keeping information and property secure.

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As a family operated, general contracting business, the team at Paterson Project Management promises complete customer satisfaction from design to planning, permitting to construction, and complete oversight of every aspect of the design and build of your luxury home. With years of knowledge and experience in every aspect of industry, Paterson Project Management addresses all the details of your new home construction or home renovation and delivers with exceptional planning, construction, and top quality, on time, every time.