Creating a Chef’s Kitchen for Your Home

Creating a Chef’s Kitchen for Your Home

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In every house, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends gather for meals, holidays, and more. Given the kitchen’s starring role in the home, creating a functional kitchen in which you can prepare meals, entertain family and friends, and delight guests with your culinary expertise, is the key to planning. In luxury homes, the planning stage takes on an extra measure of creativity to design a chef’s kitchen for the home with al the warmth and friendliness you would expect from the heart of the home.

The chef’s kitchen is not only about size and space, but also about organization, storage, and efficiency. Knowing that, creating your custom chef’s kitchen for your home should be a blend of function and beauty. Here, the professionals at Paterson Project Management offer tips to guide you in the design of the ideal chef’s kitchen for your new home.

The Organized Kitchen Layout

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you will want to start with an organized kitchen layout as the basis for your chef’s kitchen design. The design should give a nod to the style of the family member who does most of the cooking, but also be user-friendly for the “part-time chefs” who will also share the space. Separate working zones for common cooking tasks – storage, preparation, and cooking – is a great place to start. Commercial chef’s kitchen use what is known at the “kitchen triangle”  – a layout which places the refrigerator, food preparation area, and cooking zone in an unobstructed triangular shape allowing the cook to move freely, easily, and efficiently while preparing the meals.

Choosing Premium Quality

Keep in mind when choosing appliances, large and small, as well as dishes, glasses, and gadgets, the goal should be premium quality over maximum quantity. Rather than stocking your kitchen to overflowing with all the latest trends, chose instead to invest in professional grade appliances and gadgetry which will look great and enhance functionality. Premium professional appliances, popular among professional chefs in their home kitchens include gas ovens and cooktops, sub-zero refrigerators, wine chillers, and more. For smaller appliances, many chefs enjoy a sous vide machine, stand mixer, food processor, chefs’ knives, and professional cooking utensils.

Keep Preparation and Cooking Surfaces Clear

In your chef’s kitchen design you want to have space to organize and store your dishes, glasses, and gadgetry so your preparation and cooking surfaces are clear for the slicing, chopping, mixing, and cooking to come. During the design phase, you can add storage space for small appliances, used regularly, in easy reach in specialized cabinetry. The only items on your countertops should be those which enhance your ability to work with ease in preparing meals for those you love.

Functional Storage

As mentioned, an organizational design in your chef’s kitchen will help the overall function. Consider storage options for pots, pans, utensils, and ingredients to ensure preparation and cook time is kept to a minimum, giving you more time to enjoy with your family and friends. Store dry ingredients and herbs and spices in organized pantry or cabinet space within easy reach. Another popular option is hanging pots and pans from an attractive kitchen rack  to avoid searching for them in cabinets when you are ready to cook.

The Sink and Faucet

While your sink and faucet preferences are uniquely your own, you’ll want to make a wise choice for both to make kitchen cleanup as simple as prep and cooking. Think about it, the sink and faucet may be one of the most used aspects of your kitchen, used for preparation, cooking, and cleanup. Many chefs find a pull out faucet among the most helpful for all three applications.

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