Luxury Bathroom Trends

Luxury Bathroom Trends

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The bathroom is evolving with luxury with each passing year. Even the humble toilet has some smart ideas on the horizon, including alleviating unwanted odors and diagnosing waste in support of healthier eating. While certainly great ideas, these innovations are away down the road, but likely coming in the future. In addition to these bright ideas, the bidet is gaining popularity in the United States, thus mitigating the need for copious amounts of toilet paper. The suspended bowl is also coming on trend, hiding the unsightly tank and allowing you to easily clean the floor beneath. Plus, the advent of touchless faucets has made its way into modern luxury bathrooms as well. Today, let’s explore the latest in luxury bathroom trends available to you for your home right now.

Larger Bathrooms

Not only do larger bathroom attest to luxury, but they are also more practical, particularly for those who intend to age in place or those faced with disabilities. In addition, larger bathrooms tend to have an aesthetic appeal that is lost in its smaller counterparts. Larger bathrooms can support the latest bathtub inside the shower trend. This is not to be confused with the bathtub shower, but rather a larger shower area which includes a bathtub. These additions also feature grab bars as nearly everyone needs occasional support, particularly on the commonly used non-porous bathroom surfaces.

Larger bathrooms also offer storage options unavailable in smaller bathrooms. From linen closets to extended niches, storage is an important feature in today’s larger bathrooms. Medicine cabinets are making a comeback in these larger modern bathrooms, including the latest in luxury, a refrigerated version used to keep medications and other organic items properly cooled.

EPA WaterSense Products

The WaterSense EPA program has brought water efficiency to the bathroom much like Energy Star appliances brought energy efficiency to the kitchen. Consumer products with the WaterSense label include toilets, faucets, shower heads, and other fixtures and offers luxury as well as performance and efficiency.


Over the years, bathroom finishes have become more significant in modern design. Today’s luxury bathrooms allow the selection of finishes for floors, walls, countertops, bathtubs, and showers. From the timeless marble and stone finishes, luxury finishes now include stone resin, mirror, and more which deliver clean, fresh looks, with strength, durability, and even heat retention options. Glossy surfaces options are always popular, but for the coming year, marble, granite, and resin with a shimmery finish is on trend and luxurious.

The Bidet

As mentioned, bidets are growing in popularity in the United States, as larger bathrooms make space for the addition of separate bidet fixtures. If you don’t like the look of the separate bidet and toilet, consider adding this luxury item via a trending bidet seat which attaches, unobtrusively, directly to your exiting toilet.

Free Standing Tubs and Accoutrements

Also on trend in larger bathrooms are freestanding bathtubs which blend luxury with form and function while offering up beauty for the eye and comfort for the body. With these freestanding tubs come a variety of accoutrements including floor standing tub bathtub faucet to complement the tub. Mounted to the floor alongside your tub, these faucets, which can include a handheld shower attachment, add a unique touch of elegance to your bathroom. Also joining the freestanding tub and faucet is the attractive boutique-styled accent table set beside the tub to accommodate washcloths, toiletries, and more.

Glass and Stone

Glass enclosures remain a timeless feature in bathroom design, but for the height of luxury, frameless doors are a must. Alongside frameless glass, carved stone basins and tubs are the perfect complement adding a signature look to your bathroom.

Whatever you choose from among these luxury trends will set the tone with your unique style as you design your new bathroom, bathed in lavish comfort and opulence.