Points to Ponder Before Building in South Florida

Points to Ponder Before Building in South Florida

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When you are planning to build a new luxury home in South Florida, you are well on your way to living life in dreamy Florida style. From the eclectic style of areas pristine beaches to the unmatched energy of region’s lively downtowns – the idyllic weather coupled with the well-appointed amenities of the surrounding area await you. Of course, with all South Florida has to offer, there are building details unique to the region that homeowners in other areas don’t have to consider. In South Florida, with new home construction, structural decisions must be made with the area’s hurricane threat in mind. On top of that, South Florida also features a distinct ecosystem and geology that must be taken into account, particularly in light of your new luxury home. Let’s explore the areas of special focus, points to ponder if you will, before the construction of your new home begins.

Choosing Your Home Site Wisely

As you know, part of the attraction of South Florida is the amount of water surrounding the area. Of course this means picturesque waterfront property from which to choose, but the region’s significant rainfall also increases the likelihood of flooding. This point is significant for two reasons. First, if your homesite is a flood zone, special construction considerations will be needed to ensure remains safe if flooding occurs. Second, you’ll want to check out your surrounding area to ensure there is no incidence of dumping from flooded sewage plants – just in case.

Building Permits

As your project begins, one of the top priorities after the planning stages is to get your South Florida building permits approved. Regardless of the location of your new home, you’ll need the appropriate documentation and proper licensing before your construction begins. Your licensed building contractor should manage most of these details, ensuring all the necessary paperwork is in order from the beginning, thus avoiding confusion and delays once your new home build has started.

Install Hurricane Doors and Windows

While hurricanes are not frequent and ongoing, they do happen in South Florida, battering the region with hurricane force winds, rain, and storm surge. Plus, the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms is very real during each annual hurricane season, which means as a homeowner in South Florida, you want your home to be ready.  As you plan your new home, focusing on hurricane-resistant products, like doors and windows, does not mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. In the past, these elements were more functional than beautiful, but that has changed. Today’s hurricane doors and windows deliver sleek beauty with unmatched function.

Not only do hurricane-resistant doors and windows look great, but they offer extensive protection in the even to of a hurricane or other severe weather event. From impact resistant sliding glass doors to impact resistant windows, your home can showcase the region’s beauty from the outside in while protecting your from the inside out during the storm. Hurricane windows and doors are aesthetically attractive with the strength to withstand hurricane force winds and rain. Unlike years gone by, today you can find hurricane resistant windows and doors to match your luxury home style perfectly.

Getting Started in South Florida

Are you ready to get started on your beautiful new luxury dream home? Paterson Project Management is ready to help, taking into consideration all the details – from weather to geography, lifestyle to safety,  and more – to ensure your luxury dream home meets and often exceeds all your requirements from the practical to the luxurious. Call today and let’s get started on your South Florida home.