Decorating for the Holidays with Luxury in Mind

Decorating for the Holidays with Luxury in Mind

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With holiday time fast approaching, homeowners are looking for ways to bring the season to life with holiday décor. To create the ambiance to invite family and friends to join in the celebration, this year’s style trends are leaning toward luxury which features natural decor, while still welcoming unique family traditions, set with the backdrop of the scents of Christmas, cinnamon, pine, and baked goodies. Here are some tips on decorating for the holidays with luxury and celebration in mind.

Go Natural

Like much of what is trending in home décor, bringing nature indoors continues with this holiday trend. While the uses of seasonal greenery is nearly always a great choice for the holidays, particularly Christmas décor, this year takes the decorations from trees and wreaths to include boughs, garlands, pinecones, fruits, shells, driftwood, and more. Whether your holiday style is traditional Christmas or coastal elegance, you are sure to find the perfect complement to your holiday décor and develop the ideal gathering immersed in nature. Decorate your windowsills with boughs and pinecones, your windows with wreaths, or create your own unique wreaths with natural elements to put on display and welcome your holiday guests. 

Timeless White Christmas

White, in home décor, as well as holiday traditions never goes out of style. White is the perfect luxury backdrop for creating a look of luxury. With white as the base, you can add your favorite colorful accents – such as blue for coastal holiday flair or silver and gold for more elegant luxury look. Of course, you can never go wrong with adding green or red to white to create a classic Christmas reminiscent of indulgent years gone by.

Lavish Opulence

If subtle understatements aren’t your style, don’t feel you have to limit yourself to a natural look or a classic white backdrop. Instead, add the shimmering gold gilded pinecones or sparkling silver baubles to your décor. Often the eclectic mix, when properly balanced, of natural elements like greenery and shiny sparkling holiday accoutrements brings a beautiful blend showcasing your unique elegant and luxurious style.

Artistry and Craftsmanship

Decorating with luxury in mind isn’t the same for everyone. While for some, decorating with luxury may mean lots of glitz and glamour, for others it means artistry and craftmanship. The holidays have emerged this year with an unexpected trend toward the tradition of home, recreating memories of childhood with highly creative artistic efforts showcasing the beauty of repurposing everyday items into holiday décor. For example, simple fabrics become art when crafted into wreaths or throws, cast off jewelry makes the perfect base for new holiday ornaments, and even wine corks can be developed into eclectic art pieces of holiday décor, the perfect keepsakes and remembrances of the comforts of home.

Outdoor Decorating

While some adore the current “tacky lights” trend, others enjoy a more traditional, timeless look which gives the nod to both luxury and sustainability. Like inside, your home’s exterior can mirror your indoor style. If you choose to go natural inside, carry the look outside with greenery – garlands, wreaths, boughs, and even a tree or two. Trees can be used on the porch or in the yard, your may even want to choose one that can be planted after the holidays end.  Arches are more popular than ever to welcome guests into your home over the holidays. If you choose white as your base inside, consider wrapping your porch or entryway in white lights to continue the theme. Lanterns are still trending this year as well and can be used inside and out to carry your theme throughout your home.

Whatever you choose, decorating your home for the holidays with luxury in mind, should reflect your personal style and help you and your family and friends enjoy the holiday time together making memories. Happy Holidays!