Build Smart in South Florida

Build Smart in South Florida

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Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, building smart is the goal. All homeowners, even those building high-end luxury homes, want exceptional quality and cost-efficiency in their home build. If you are planning a new luxury home in South Florida, regardless of the size of you budget, you want a home build with quality craftmanship and premium materials, a home that is built to last. Even in luxury home projects, homeowners want to build smart and save money, neither of which have to mean smaller or less luxurious.

What is Building Smart?

Building smart isn’t so much about size, as in smaller, but it is about maximizing your space and designing efficiently for spaciousness. When you build smart, you don’t sacrifice your luxury lifestyle, instead you utilize every element of the design, even those you don’t see like plumbing and ductwork, to ensure no space is wasted. Plus, by building smart, those unseen elements will have little effect on your living spaces, while also ensuring energy efficiency and green living.

Usability of Space

Whatever your home’s style, an efficient floor plan can deliver increased usability while maintaining the desired levels of comfort and luxury. When planning this may mean thinking carefully about specialty rooms that will go largely unused, and rather incorporating those smaller spaces into larger more lavish areas that will feel indulgent rather than constricted. You can still maintain private spaces, but for family and entertaining, you’ve immediately gained more usability, from pleasurable communal areas to intimate private spaces.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and green living practices are trending in luxury home building. Smart building with usability of space lends itself to energy efficiency. Think about this, you have strategically placed crucial elements like plumbing, electric, and ductwork, which means they are operating at maximum efficiency, while you’ve created luxurious and comfortable living spaces that are more open which makes for optimal heating and cooling, while reducing the amount of building material used/wasted in your project. You can take it a step further and ask your general contractor to point out areas from which, with minor changes, you could glean greater energy efficiency. In addition to saving on energy costs, you’ll be decreasing your home’s carbon footprint, and increasing its value should you ever decide to sell. Your choice of luxury home builder can help you make crucial choices – size, space, design, and materials – which make your home more energy efficient as well as beautiful. From hurricane resistant, energy efficient windows to decrease cooling costs and protect your home from severe weather events to the property insulation material for South Florida’s heat and humidity, and everything in between, expert advice from your professional contractor can be invaluable in building smart.

Ample Storage

Storage space is crucial to your home’s aesthetics. Without ample storage space, your home can lose its beauty as clutter accumulates or spare rooms become storage areas. Of course, too much storage can mean your home lacks the opulence of which you dreamed. Keep in mind, finding the right balance of storage in your home, makes your home more energy efficient to operate and easier to maintain. Minimalists lifestyles are all the rage right now, but even if you’ve gone minimalist, you still need ample storage for your luxury lifestyle.

Build Smart

Building smart doesn’t mean avoiding luxury, but rather building your home with premium workmanship and high-quality materials, which provide value, usability, energy efficiency, – a home that will last. Now that you’ve learned how to build smart, are you ready to begin planning your smart luxury home in South Florida? Paterson Project Management is ready to help.