Understanding the Timeline for Your Home’s Construction

Understanding the Timeline for Your Home’s Construction

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When you are in the midst of the home buying and building process, it is crucial to know, not only the monetary commitment involved, but also the timeline for your new build. There are many factors to consider in both the calculation of the cost of your new South Florida home as well as the time frame in which your home is to be completed. Among those considerations are the land on which your home is built, the locality where the home will be located, and the details of your home’s design. Each of these factors play into the budget and the timeline for your new home.

Timing Your New Home Build

On average, the construction of single-family home takes approximately seven months to complete. Across the United States, for a custom home build, the timeline is longer at approximately nine months, while a production home may take as little as six months. Of course, if all the factors, including the weather, work in your favor during your build, your custom home may be completed in less time. In fact, you will be happy to know that in South Florida the timeline from the start of construction to the final walkthrough averages around six months, once the permit approvals are finalized. One of the most common factors in a timeline delay for your new home’s construction are unplanned changes. These changes often come in the form of features you choose to add during the building process which were not including the planning stages.

Factors Impacting Your New Home Construction Time

While there are a number of factors out of everyone’s control, in regard to your timeline, like the weather for instance, there are other factors which remain somewhat constant. These are the most common factors affecting your construction time.

  • The Location and Environment – In South Florida, if your new home will be built in a metropolitan area, the timeline may be shorter than if your new home’s location is in a more rural area. Weather is also a factor, with rain and storms being the most common holdups in the construction process in the region.
  • The Style of Your Home – The style of your home is also a consideration when calculating the timeline. Luxury home can take longer than classic custom homes, which in turn take longer than production homes, simply because production homes have been duplicated many times over. Should you choose a standard floor plan without any variations, your timeline will be shorter than for a custom home or a standard floor plan in which you make alterations. Pre-planning and collaboration among your development team is the often the key to a saving time in the construction process.
  • The Pre-Construction and the Permits – Pre-construction consist of lot preparation – tree removal and more, as well as grading and leveling – and is dependent on the amount of work needed to prepare for the foundation. Obtaining permits and inspection approvals in your specific location can also cause delays in your home’s construction.
  • The Workers, Equipment, and Supplies – Depending when your home is to be built can also affect your timeline, should construction workers be unavailable, as well as supplies and equipment in short supply. It is always important that your contractor or project manager factor in available labor as well as subcontractors to keep your project on time.
  • The Change Orders – As mentioned, changes in your plan during construction can delay your projects completion. The later your changes come in the project, the greater the delay, as many products must be ordered weeks in advance, and then be installed.

Now that you know the factors included in your new home construction timeline, isn’t it time to start building your luxury home in South Florida? Paterson Project Management is ready to help.