Building an Eco-Friendly Luxury Home

Building an Eco-Friendly Luxury Home

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When you consider the purchase of a luxury home, your mind may wander to any number of characteristics – from the latest smart technologies to extravagant features like lushly landscaped gardens and expansive wine cellars. Today, the latest trend is eco-friendly luxury which features sustainable materials as well as unexpected amenities designed to develop futuristic design with environmentally friendly functionality. 

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, elaborate or minimalist, or something in between, your luxury home can be still be eco-friendly boasting cutting edge environmental design and sustainable architecture. Let’s explore how your new home can be a stunning space filled with green features. Here are some of the top trends to incorporate into your eco-friendly luxury home.

LED Lighting

Lighting has recently been transformed with the advent of LED technology. Just as it was years ago when humanity went from candles and oil lamps to electricity and the invention of the incandescent light bulb, today’s LED lighting is changed the face and feel of home interiors. LED bulbs deliver greater energy efficiency, reducing a home’s carbon footprint while delivering subtle ambiance to any room. LED lighting is a feature now incorporated into every green luxury home providing versatile and sustainable long-lasting lighting which can be controlled with the latest smart home technology.

Sustainable Locally Sourced Building Materials

Utilizing locally sourced building materials is nothing new, having been a part of human building efforts since the dawn of man. Then, locally sourced meant building with resources abundant in a region – wood, clay, thatch, stone, bamboo, etc. Today, the eco-friendly practice means using responsibly locally sourced materials which complement the surroundings of a green luxury home. Sustainable, natural, appropriately sourced materials like stone, clay, thatch, bamboo, and more deliver unique solutions for homeowners and home builders with environmentally friendly material replacing imported building materials from around the world.

Botanical Accents – Inside and Out

Botanical accents offer eco-friendly luxury at home and bring extensive sustainable benefits both inside and out. From plants in upcycled planters which enhance air quality to living lamps, the trend of botanical accents is expanding with living walls and green roofs. While green roofs aren’t a new idea, going back to ancient times, a truly viable and aesthetically pleasing design emerged only a half century ago. Today, green roofs are gaining in popularity and finding their way into luxury green homes combining an atmosphere of beauty and natural cooling with the promise of lower energy costs and reduced air pollution.

Solar Panels

Solar panels, while not new, have certainly grown up from their awkward, quirky beginnings. As one of today’s must have luxury smart home features, stylish solar rooftop panels are begin featured in modern home design. These rooftop solar panels created energy efficient solar power form the sun’s inexhaustible supply in a cost-effective manner which can provide for an entire home’s electrical needs.   

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

The perfect complement to solar rooftop panels, geothermal heating and cooling systems promise to drastically decrease the carbon footprint of your green luxury home. Providing up to 20 years of heating and cooling, and requiring little maintenance, geothermal heating and cooling delivers optimal conditions inside your home year-round while keeping your carbon footprint small.

Vegetable Gardens and Orchards

While this isn’t exactly a part of the building, it is certainly important to the landscape and overall aesthetic of your eco-friendly luxury home. Today’s green properties often include farm-to-table opportunities with vegetable gardens and fruit orchards providing beauty while stocking your kitchen with fresh delectable foods. Vegetable gardens and orchards provide relaxation and fun for you and your family while helping the earth as well.

Now that you know, are you ready to begin planning your eco-friendly luxury home in South Florida? Paterson Project Management is ready to help.