Will Adding a Pool Add Value to Your South Florida Home?

Will Adding a Pool Add Value to Your South Florida Home?

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For those buying a home in South Florida, a pool is often on the prospective home buyers’ must have list, and for good reason. If you already own a home in South Florida, and there is no pool, you’ve likely wondered if the addition of a pool to your property will add value to your home. And the answer is yes, an inground pool generally improves the overall home value, but only if it well-kept, easily maintained, safe for little ones, and complements the style of your home. Let’s explore home values, as well as overall expenses when owning a pool, to the ways you can ensure your pool addition adds value to your home.

The Question of Home Value

In general, statistics show that the addition of a pool in hot and humid regions, like South Florida, can increase home value up to 15 percent. The percentage goes up in communities where private pools are in most homes. For example, if you are in a community where most of your neighbors have a pool and your home is lacking the amenity, when you want to sell, your home will likely be overlooked. The opposite is true if you have a well-kept pool, which will work to help you sell more quickly and a higher value. Of course, if your pool isn’t so well-maintained and doesn’t have the appropriate safety measures, your pool may be a detriment, lowering the value of your home and making it take longer to sell. The takeaway here is a pool increase the value of your home, when you attend to regular maintenance and upkeep, ensuring your pool looks great, functions well, and is designed with safety in mind.

The Expenses Included in Adding a Pool to Your South Florida Home

While cost may vary depending on the type, size, style, and customization of your new inground pool, homeguide.com estimates the average cost at around $35,000 which includes installation, equipping, and filling. Now, that doesn’t include the fence you’ll need to enclose your pool, the screen enclosure you’ll want, safety features, lighting, landscaping, along with the annual maintenance which comes whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. There is also the cost of insurance, which may or may not be included on your existing homeowner’s policy.

Adding Value When Selling

When the time comes to sell your home with the pool addition, you want to avoid any chances of the pool lowering the value of your home. Here’s how.

  • Keep your pool clean and your chemicals balanced so the equipment in which you have invested isn’t damaged.
  • Ensure your filters, pumps, cartridges etc. changed/replaced as needed.
  • Maintain landscaping around the pool and the rest of the house so it is aesthetically pleasing.

Next, think about adding upgrades which can add even more value to your property, such as those which make your pool safer and easier to maintain. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Saltwater Generators (avoids chlorine)
  • Variable Speed Pumps (more energy efficient and longer lasting)
  • Enhanced Pumps (less sediment)
  • Additional Fences and Gates (safety)
  • Surface Alarms (Alarms when someone or pets fall into the pool)
  • Retractable Pool Covers (safety and convenience)

The Addition of Lifestyle Value

On top of resale value, there is lots of lifestyle value for you and your family when adding a pool to your home. The enjoyment factor is high with the addition of a pool, and the value is priceless. So even if you aren’t planning to sell your home soon, adding a pool still increases the value of your home, now to you and your family, and later when you do decide to sell, as well.

Need Assistance in Developing Your Pool Addition Plan?

Call on the team at Paterson Development for the assistance you need from design and planning to permits, and construction oversight, in the addition of a luxurious pool to complement and add value to your property.