How Long Does It Take to Get a Building Permit in Florida?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Building Permit in Florida?

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Typically, you can get approval for a building permit in Florida within a couple of business days.For anyone thinking about building a structure or making changes to a pre-existing building, Florida code mandates that you get a building permit. While the process of getting a building permit is relatively simple, navigating the local building standards in your area can sometimes be tricky if you aren’t aware of them.

Before starting any project, we always recommend doing your research and consulting with experienced contractors who are very familiar with Florida building codes. These codes have been created to ensure the work of every building is safe and secure for workers and future inhabitants.

4 Easy Steps for Getting Your Building Permit Approved

With this basic information out of the way, let’s go ahead and look closer at how you can get your Florida building permit approved. Follow these steps to get your approval completed as quickly as possible.

#1. Get the Application

You can find your local building permit application by going to your city’s website. Make sure you’re going to the city website that your property is located in, not necessarily where you currently live. Download the application and pay the 20% upfront fee to print it out (some websites might not make you pay this upfront fee now – but you will need to pay it when you turn the application in).

#2. Fill Out the Application

Information you will be asked for includes: Property identification information, explanation of what work will be done on the property, the overall value of the work that will be done, as well as the category of permit you need. This form must be signed by all appropriate parties such as the engineer, property owner, contractor, etc. If you are ever confused about how to fill out a portion of your building permit application, be sure to call the building department for advice.

#3. Turn in your Application and Wait for Approval

To turn in your completed application, you will need to visit the building department. You can find the location of this department on the same city website you found the application. Bring the money for the permit’s upfront fee and the application itself, along with at least two copies of plans for the building. The building department will give you a processing number to keep for later use.

You should receive your building permit in around two days if the review process is completed without any issue. If there are discrepancies in the application or building plans themselves, you will be required to make changes and resubmit the plans to the review board. This will delay the time it takes to get your permit from anywhere between days to weeks, depending on the issue.

#4. Receive Your Building Permit

After you receive the notification of approval for your building permit, it’s time to go get it. Bring money to pay the last of the permit fee. You’ll also need to bring the processing number to the building department when you collect your permit. If at any point someone asks to see your permit, you are obligated to show it to them. Local officials may come to inspect your project at multiple points throughout its term to ensure the building process follows all local safety ordinances.

For owners working without a building permit, they will be fined $250 and the fees for a proper permit are doubled. Contractors may be fined an even higher amount. If you ever have questions about whether your project requires a building permit, we recommend that you call your city to check – it never hurts to ask!

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