5 Benefits of Building a Custom Home

5 Benefits of Building a Custom Home

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Building a custom home takes time and you may have to secure a different type of loan, but the benefits of building something completely custom to your style and preferences are unmatched.

5 Top Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Can’t seem to find the house of your dreams in the area or school district you want? Not everyone can find their perfect home on Zillow. Some have to create it themselves!

1. Get Everything That You Want

When house hunting, it can be extremely hard to find a home that has every single thing you want. Usually, there are tradeoffs. A house might have the perfect backyard for your children, but there’s only one bathroom (and your kids aren’t the best at sharing). There’s a three-car garage, but the kitchen needs to be remodeled. See where we’re going with this?

Your custom-built home can have it all. Those specific closet dimensions, the clawfoot bathtub, and even the wraparound porch. Just put it in the blueprints!

2. Save Money on Renovations in the Future

Many older houses need to be renovated after a while to fix plumbing, lighting, or flooring issues. As your family adjusts to a house you bought, you might decide that you hate the old 70’s style carpet. As you start to pull it up to put in new flooring, you find out that the subfloor is damaged. And that means you’ll be spending a lot more time and money to fix things.

With building a home yourself, you know that you’ll already love the style (and can trust the construction) for a long time to come.

3. You Can Meet the Needs of Your Family

People often have to settle for things that aren’t quite perfect for their family when buying a pre-built home. While the house itself might work for a family of 5, a small backyard could be hard to deal with for an active family.

Building your custom home means you pick the land as well as the home. Every aspect of the build is catered to you and your family’s needs.

4. You Can Add In Smart Features

Whereas with older homes you are probably unable to add in smart security features, building your own custom home means you can add anything you’d like! You might want smart lighting and heating, or even an integrated sound system throughout the house. Smart features don’t often come with older homes unless you’re ready to take on an extensive remodel.

Starting from scratch allows you to be unique in your build. Want heated tiles in your bathroom? Go for it! How about an alarm system that monitors doors and windows throughout the house? Done! Whatever you can dream up, there’s a smart solution for it.

5. It’s Completely Yours!

Many custom-built homes are kept in the family for multiple generations – and why wouldn’t they be? Your family’s personality is infused into the very foundation of the home, making it a sentimental investment.

Yes, when you buy a home that’s already standing it is technically yours. But it wasn’t created specifically for you like a new build is.

Building a Home is a Time-Consuming Investment!

Don’t feel stuck when you can’t find that dream home with your real estate agent – it’s already complete in your imagination! Take that dream to reality with pen and paper (and maybe a contractor or two) for a home that will bring you and your family joy for years and years to come.

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