New Construction Upgrades to Consider

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Looking to increase the overall value of your home, while also making your home more liveable? The following home upgrades make great investments for new construction in South Florida.

5 Construction Upgrades to Consider when Building a New Home

There are so many different upgrades to choose between, at the end of the day it boils down to your personal preference and what will work best for your lifestyle. Here are five of our favorite upgrades for new home construction to inspire your dream home.

New Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom flooring is one of the first areas that can quickly decay and turn into a mess in a home. After all, this area is constantly being bombarded with water and moisture. These things make it easy for your bathroom to rack up mold and age faster than it should.

Going with higher quality flooring in your bathrooms can increase the aesthetic value of your bathrooms while simultaneously giving your property value a boost. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reasonably affordable means of upgrading your home, this might be a great place to start.

Garage Aesthetics

Many people with a garage in their home do very little to actually finish the space. It is common to have unpainted drywall sitting on the walls, oil-stained concrete on the floors, and so on. Simple garage aesthetics are very affordable to get done and have a lasting impact on your home.

The garage is often seen as the room in your home that doesn’t need much attention. After all, it is a place to store storage tools, misc. items, and vehicles, not to entertain guests. Regardless, this is a great place to do some upgrades when building a new home.

Storm Proofing

Make your home capable of weathering any storm by building it ready to handle anything – from hurricanes to floods. There are a variety of upgrades available to help make your home storm prepared, and these measures far exceed simply adding storm shutters. Depending on the location of your home, it may be more or less important to make your home storm proof. For instance, if you live on the coast, it’s incredibly important to ensure your home can survive a storm surge. After all, it’s no secret that hurricanes commonly make landfall in Florida.

Carpet Padding

It is very common for people to have carpet installed in their homes. If you want to increase the comfort and satisfaction that you receive from your carpeting, getting some padding installed is generally a great idea to consider.

Padding is relatively cheap and can make your carpet considerably more comfortable to use. Even if you have already installed the carpet, you can still add padding as an afterthought. It is generally easy to remove carpet and apply padding before putting the carpet back without damaging the material.

Energy-Saving Upgrades

There are lots of items in your home that may be causing you to pay more in energy costs than you need to be. Specifically, things like your windows, heating and cooling devices, appliances, lighting, and so on, might all need to be looked at. There is generally at least one or two energy-efficient upgrades for you to consider that can help you really save a lot of money in the long-term. When building a home from the ground up, you have the opportunity to select the energy efficient option for just about every appliance in your home – from toilets to windows.