What Style House Do You Want to Live In? Common Home Styles in South Florida

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Some of the most common house styles in South Florida include ranch style, Victorian, contemporary, Spanish and Mediterranean. The best way to figure out what style house you want to live in is to know all of your options. So, which style home is your go-to? With so many styles and architectural options, you’ve got a big decision on your hands. When building a home from the ground up, you have the option to add different elements from a variety of styles, or you can stick to one particular housing type.

8 of the Most Common Home Styles in Florida

With each home type there are different materials commonly used. In addition, they may range in size and functionality. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common home styles found in South Florida to help you narrow in on the ideal style for you and your family.

Spanish or Mediterranean Style

This is easily one of the most popular home styles in South Florida. From stucco walls to bold window trim with palm trees swaying out front, Spanish and Mediterranean architecture looks like home to South Floridians.

Ranch Style

Your typical ranch style home is one-story with a garage on the front of the home tucked off to one side. While this type of home is most commonly seen in central Florida, it can make a good floor plan for seniors and families with young children. Ranch houses tend to be cozy with open floor plans for family living.

Victorian Style

Victorian homes stand out for their unique charm, with tall and narrow features paired with ornamental designs. It is most common to see homes in more historical regions of town because they were incredibly popular several decades ago. Yet, you can build a beautiful brand-new Victorian style home. This type of home is typically made out of brick or local stone.

Contemporary Style

Looking for something more modern and contemporary? These homes feature high ceilings and open floor plans. While contemporary homes tend to look similar and do not have old-world charm, they make beautiful statements in their own right. They offer a clean and fresh look with sharp lines.

Detached Florida Villas

A detached Florida villa is a stand-alone single-family with distinctive exterior features. This style home typically has a smaller yard with an average interior square footage between 1,400 and 2,000.

Attached Florida Villas

An attached villa is similar but shares a common wall with two or more units. This style of house feels more like a single-family home than your traditional condo. The average square footage of an attached Florida villa ranges between 1,600 and 2,500 square feet. Interestingly, this is slightly larger than a detached villa. Walls are usually made of concrete and are more soundproof than condos for greater privacy. This is one of the most common housing types in Florida.

Beach House

A beach or seaside home is a staple in Florida with our miles of coastline. Beach houses are constructed on top of pillars to protect them from storm surges and water damage when hurricanes make landfall. Porches are typically fashioned out of wood to give the home a more rustic feel.


A bungalow is built long and low and features a wide veranda as well as a drooping attic. The very first bungalows were built with standard thatch roofs. Today, fireproof tiles are used instead, and insulation is added to air space to reduce the effects of tropical heat waves.

Build a Custom Home with Paterson Development

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