7 of The Latest Trends in High End Kitchens

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High end kitchens stand out in a world of their own – they are beautiful, elegant, functional and can look about 1,000 different ways depending on the style of your home. Today’s kitchens are bigger and better than ever before thanks to the fact that the kitchen has become the center of every home – a place where family and friends gather to enjoy meals and celebrate special occasions.

At Paterson Development, when we build a home, we never underestimate the importance of the kitchen or the unique vision our clients have for how they want their kitchen to look. For this reason, no two kitchens are ever the same.

7 High End Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay

Allow some of the latest trends in high end kitchens help inspire the kitchen of your dreams.

#1. Dark Cabinets are Making a Comeback

White kitchen cabinets have been the go-to for a while now, but dark cabinets are making a comeback in a big way. Of course, you still can’t go wrong with an all-white kitchen – it’s a classic, but dark kitchen cabinets are rather appealing as well, and they hide dirt better in case you have a flock of children who like to open cabinets with sticky peanut-butter fingers!

Dark cabinets help break up a sea of white if you have a lot of other white elements in your kitchen. In addition, they help white marble countertops and other light aspects stand out even more. Remember, you don’t have to make all of your cabinets the same color. Many people are painting their cabinets different colors, for instance adding a pop of color to the center island cabinets while sticking to a more classic shade of white or black on wall cabinets.

#2. Going Smart

Technological advancements have entered the kitchen at full speed, lending way to a whole new world of options. We aren’t just talking about fancy appliances that you can control using your smartphone, it goes much deeper than that. Some of our favorite new inventions include sink faucets that turn on with the wave of your hand, and refrigerators that let you know when you’re low on eggs before you run out mid-omelet-making on Sunday morning. There are even smart kitchen devices that’ll tell you when your eggs are going bad. In addition, lighting systems that let you control all the lights in your domain from your tablet or smartphone can help cut back on electricity and make you look pretty darn cool.

#3. Quartz is King

Quartz is a reigning material for countertops thanks to its beautiful and luxurious appearance. Plus, it’s a tough material that can virtually last forever. There are a surprising number of color patterns to choose from as well. The most popular tend to be softer and more neutral colors such as grey, taupe, cream and white.

#4. Smart Storage

When designing your cabinets, keep effective storage in mind. There are so many ways to transform an ordinary cabinet into a storage Mecca where it’s easy to find exactly what you need, when you need it. Done are the days of digging through oversized cabinets where everything gets lost and forgotten.

#5. Multipurpose Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is here to stay – it’s practical and offers a lot of functionality. Islands are getting bigger and better all the time. They often include a secondary sink, bar seating, and plenty of counterspace for cooking and serving. In addition, a great kitchen island includes extra cabinetry, because you can never have enough storage space in your kitchen.

#6. Bold & Beautiful Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are an important part of high-end kitchen design and a great place to mark your style. There are so many options – from large slabs of quartz to wood, copper, intricate tiles, glass, and the list goes on. Wall splashes are getting higher, reaching as high up as the ceiling. Upper cabinets are becoming less common because they are so tricky to reach. In their place, many people are opting instead for beautiful backsplashes.

#7. Open Up to the Great Outdoors

In South Florida, we are all about that outdoor lifestyle, and it’s showing up in the most beautiful high-end kitchens. Large glass doors or windows that open up to green spaces make kitchens feel larger and more inclusive of the great outdoors. Plus, it makes for a great entertaining space, especially if the glass doors open to patio seating.