9 New Trends in High End Homes in South Florida

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Custom built homes feature the latest trends in high end design – from unexpected pops of color to vanities that look like furniture, here are the latest trends we are seeing in high end South Florida homes.

The Latest Trends in High End Homes

1. Unexpected Pops of Color

Take one look at celebrities like Kaley Cuoco’s home and you’ll see daring pops of color and bold prints. While gray continues to be the most popular choice for walls, cabinetry and even hardwood flooring, added pops of color are becoming more common in high end homes. A splash of color infuses a room with a bright energy and makes it stand out, giving people something to remember.

2. Dark Hardwood Flooring

Lighter shades of hardwood flooring have been popular for several years now, but there’s something about a dark stained hardwood floor that never goes out of style. In high end homes, you don’t have to worry about dark colored floors making the space look smaller. They are especially pleasing on the eye in rooms that get a lot of natural sunlight.

3. Quartzite over Granite

For many years, granite was the go-to choice for countertops but quartzite is winning favorability in high end homes. For one, it comes in striking shades. In addition, it is low maintenance, durable and looks like marble without the sensitivity to scratching.

4. Continuous Base Ceiling

Instead of trim molding, which is pieced together from several distinct pieces, a continuous base and casing is becoming more popular in high-end homes. This is because it offers a more seamless and smoother look with clean lines.

5. Furniture-like Vanities

Bathroom vanities are getting more creative and far more beautiful. Instead of looking like the same box with a sink on top, vanities are now resembling furniture in high end homes. Think antique wash basins and vintage dressers, both of which create picture-perfect vanities that give bathrooms more personality than ever before.

6. Smart Homes

Smart phones meet smart homes in our modern world of technology. From remote controls that roll up window coverings to doorbells with cameras attached, there’s a fleet of new techy gadgets that’ll help you control your home with the push of a button.

In high end homes, there are a variety of technology advancements designed to help protect expensive jewelry and other high-end valuables. So not only does your home function better, but it also helps keep your valuables safer. For instance, there are now closet drawers that must be unlocked with the level of security required to open your smartphone.

7. Bedroom Suites

Luxury homes are known for having plenty of extra rooms to accommodate guests, and the more privacy you can grant your guests, the better. That’s why people are choosing to build bedroom suites with their own bathrooms and other accommodations in unexpected areas of the home – not always attached to the main living quarters. Versatility of these rooms is equally important, having the option to turn a room from a guest room into a home gym, for instance, makes your home more valuable.

8. Pocket Doors

If you are adding sliding doors to your home, pocket doors that disappear into the wall are an ideal option that is coveted by many high-end clients. It’s all about creating that seamless and highly polished look.

9. Two of Everything

Many of today’s top-notch kitchens don’t just feature one oven or one kitchen sink, instead they feature two of each. Seeing double is not a phenomenon regulated to the kitchen – people are also adding two sets of washers and dryers. Adding two of everything gives you the chance to get more done, cater to more people, and run a more efficient household.

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