7 Tips to Save Money on Homebuilding Costs in Florida

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Cost is one of the biggest factors when it comes to building a home in Florida – or anywhere for that matter. Planning ahead, knowing local regulations and building codes, and hiring the right people for the job can save a lot of money when building a home in Florida.

7 Ways to Save Money Building a Home in Florida

As a full-service development company, we know a thing or two about building beautiful homes that don’t break the bank. Here are some of the many things you can do to keep costs under control and within your budget.

Be Up Front About Your Budget

Decide on your budget at the start of the project and assume that costs will exceed estimates by around 15 percent. 

Stick to a Smaller Footprint and a More Open Floorplan

Bigger is not always better, although it’s usually more expensive. A larger home equates to more flooring, more bathrooms, more everything that cost money.

Adding more walls can tally up costs as well. Open floor plans – say a kitchen that opens up to a family and/or dining room is a popular option for a great floorplan, as well as a convenient way to save some money.

Make a list of the rooms you do need and stick to that – there’s no need to add several extra rooms you may never use. Instead, you could spend that money to make core parts of your home everything you envision.

Go for An Industrial or Rustic Aesthetic

You’re in luck because industrial and rustic aesthetics are on-trend right now, plus they give you the option to leave certain parts of your home somewhat ‘unfinished’ while still maintaining a modern and finished look. For instance, concrete floors that are dyed, or rustic plywood stairs without any drywall or extra finishes can offer a modern look that saves you some money.

Know Local Rules, Regulations and Permitting Requirements

Making mistakes or moving ahead before you have the proper permits in place can put a big wrench in your building process. If something is completed but it’s not up to code, you will likely have to remove it and start over again – and this is going to cost extra money and take more time, which means even more money. Especially if you are paying to live somewhere else while construction is underway.

Salvage Old Materials and Make Them New Again

Look for old materials, perhaps brick from a demolished home down the street. Not only do salvaged materials tell a story, but they cost next to nothing. The goal is to make sure these materials can be repurposed and live a good long life so that they don’t require repairs soon after you move into your new home.

Use Standard-Sized Materials Wherever Possible

From cabinets to steel lengths, many aspects of the home building process include the option for custom materials or standard-sized materials. Going with the standard size is almost always cheaper and it usually arrives earlier because it is more readily available, which will help your home building timeline.

Save Time, Money & Reduce Stress Working with Paterson Development

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your needs when building a new home in Florida, as well as remodeling or adding on to an existing property. From design through installation, we take care of every aspect of the project so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Plus, since we have worked with the same industry experts over the years, we can score better prices than you’d get on the free market.

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