How Long Does It Take to Construct a New Home from the Ground Up?

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As a construction management team, one of the most common questions we hear is: how long does it take to build a new home in Fort Lauderdale?

Naturally, you want to know how long it’ll be until your dream home is ready for you to move in. The answer will vary, of course, based upon the size and complexity of the home you are designing and building. Luckily, there are some general timelines you can base estimates off of to give you a better idea.

According to the Census Bureau’s 2016 Survey of Construction, the average time to complete a single-family home is in the ballpark of 6 months.

Custom built homes usually take closer to 10 to 16 months to complete.

On the other hand, personalized production builds take closer to the 4 to 6-month range because these are designs that have been built many times over. The team knows exactly what to do to get it done and so construction takes less time.

These averages account for the time construction begins to the final walkthrough. Of course, it may take longer to complete original designs and blueprints, interior finishes, landscaping, and so forth.

Factors that influence construction time:

  • Weather, as well as the region and overall environment the home is built in. For instance, it generally takes longer to build a home in the mid-Atlantic region where weather is more severe compared to building a home in Florida.
  • Construction supply – are all of the supplies ready or do you have to wait for certain materials and supplies to arrive?
  • Extent of custom designs and construction system, custom home vs production home
  • Changes to the design that crop up along the way

6 Common Reasons for Delays


Getting approvals and permits can lead to holdups in the construction process. You must schedule inspections and make any required changes before approval is granted. Working with an expert who understands the ins and outs of local regulations and permitting will help make this process go smoother because there will be less back and forth with inspectors.


The work that needs to be done to a lot before a house can be built on it will vary. Trees may need to be cleared, grading may need to be conducted, and so forth. If any issues pop up during this phase, it can slow down progress.

Supply Issues

Let’s say you order a certain type of window or flooring that is backordered for a few months, this can really slow down construction. It’s highly recommended to order all supplies ahead of time to help avoid delays.

Worker Availability

The construction team tasked with completing the job will have a big impact on how long the project takes. What is their availability? Can they work on the project every day? These are all things to discuss up front.

Weather & Environment

Rain can hold up some parts of the construction process, although a lot of stuff can get done rain or shine. Environment can impact the time it takes as well, as rural homes tend to take a little more time than homes in metropolitan areas.

Unplanned Changes

Unplanned changes account for some of the biggest holdups when it comes to determining how long it takes to build a house. That’s why it’s so important to come up with a solid game plan and stick with it. Adding on things as you go along will cause the project to take a lot longer.

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